September 17, 2013

Homeless to Howard

Do you ever watch the Ellen show at the gym or in any public venue and have to fight back tears during the segments when she highlights people in need and/or that have overcome obstacles then gives them a bunch of money in partnership with J.C. Penny?
Well, I do.  Pretty much every single time I get the rare opportunity to be at the gym at the 4 o'clock hour.  Yesterday it was this story that damn near brought me to tears.  Instead I managed to stop at a quivering chin and sniffling nose.  Phew!  That was close.
Simply put:

Homeless to Howard

"My name is James.

I am a member of the incoming freshman class at Howard University, planning to major in physics. My family and I were homeless for several years, and I look forward to creating a better life for all of us. "
I don't know how much money they have raised to date, but the story is amazing.  This young man met a mentor at the mission where he lived and, in a nutshell, she changed his life.  She crated this tumblr page to raise money for him to go to college.  Not only did they raise enough to make that dream come true, he also just got $25,000 from Ellen/J.C. Penny + a $10,000 J.C. Penny gift card to buy some sharp threads for his freshman year.
I just thought I'd share this touching story today to show that there is good in the world.  And to let you know that if you cry at the gym to the Ellen show, you are not alone.

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