August 08, 2013

Skin Laundry

Do you remember last year when I discovered dry shampoo and my life was forever changed?
Well two things have happened since then:
1) I stopped using dry shampoo very often because I CANNOT find a brand that doesn't smell like butt.
2) Someone finally  answered my call at the end of that blog post above!
Now there really is a soap version of dry shampoo.  It's called Skin Laundry.  And it sounds disgusting.
But I don't think it is!
According to one Yelp reviewer who went to one of the first Skin Laundry salons in Santa Monica, "Here is the scoop: it's a deep skin cleaning as performed by skilled and trained nurses.  The laser and light therapy helps with hyperpigmentation, aging and fine lines."
I heard about it on the radio this morning from Ryan Seacrest and it basically sounds like a walk-in, affordable, skin clinic that allows even non-celebrities and millionaires to treat themselves to a little pretty.  Seacrest knows his skincare!
I doubt it will be making it's way to little ol' Wilmington, NC anytime soon, but if you see one pop up near you holla at your girl.  I am willing to travel to big cities to try these things out!

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