August 19, 2013

Cheers for Sears and Cheap Shoes

I can't believe these things are still available!
My friend/coworker told me about this unbelievable purchase a few weeks ago and I immediately jumped on the chance to get cute, summery, stylish shoes for $9.99.  How's that for a no-brainer!?
I also told my friend about them, and she got them too.  Now my other coworker is buying a pair.  So if we are all going to be twinsies, you should too!
We all have these in the Nude/Mint color, but I love the Cognac as well.  Maybe I'll get those too.  At that price why not!?  I also had mine delivered to the store for free so I didn't have to pay any shipping.  Oh Sears, you are so amazing.
The best part about this shoes, besides the mind blowing price, is that they are actually...wait for it...comfortable!  I don't say that about a shoe lightly.  In fact, I pretty much hate all shoes that aren't of the tennis or flop variety.
Don't miss this chance to be chic on the cheap!

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