August 15, 2013

Showtime is No Time

About 3 years ago I did a trademark, jump-the-gun, over-eager, Marilyn move.  Recap here.
Basically, AT&T Uverse dropped Food Network and I dropped AT&T Uverse immediately thereafter.  And then they picked it back up, like 4 hours later.
I felt borderline psychotic, but I was already out the installation fee for the new provider (Time Warner Cable), and I had made such a big fuss about it to Grant, defending my craziness and hastiness, that I had to stick to my guns and not look back to AT&T.
Flash forward almost 3 years later.  Now Time Warner Cable is giving me the business!  And not good business.

I came home from a trip to Boston a couple of weeks ago, ready to settle in to my couch with just enough daylight left to not get too scared, and watch my beloved Dexter.
Only there was no Dexter recording!  And there was no Dexter on the Guide.  And there was no Showtime on the whole damn TV!
I called TWC to figure out what the hell was going on.  The automated recording told me and I'm sure millions others that, due to disputes with Showtime, TWC no longer offers Showtime for the time being.
As it pertains to Dexter, I was sad, disappointed, and inconvenienced. 
As it will pertain to Homeland come September, I will be inconsolable. 
Oh no big deal.  It's only my favorite show on television.  It's only the single non-filler show that Grant and I actually love to watch together.  It's only the best drama on TV.  Which is weird because I don't even like things to be dramatic!!!
This is the worst thing to happen to TV since 90210 ended.
The only thing worse than losing Homeland would be losing Bravo.  Give me the Real Housewives of Everywhere, or give me death.
Time Warner Cable - When will you have mercy on our TV-addicted souls!?

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  1. So glad I was not the only devastated by the end of 90210 - assuming you are talking about the new 90210. The end of the old 90210 was also devastating but since they were all 35 pretending to be 22 - it was kind of time to wrap it up.