August 16, 2013

Sam I am, In love with you!

I've only been to a couple of Bar Mitzvahs in my life.  One I was pretty out of if for because I took my first accidental evening nap beforehand, thought I'd missed it, and was just generally confused for the party.
The second one was awesome and resulted in an epic mixed CD party favor.  That one I remember much better.  Particularly because I still have the CD and the CD cover.  But I love my friend too much to post that bad boy on the Internet.  Think young budding Jewish man doing his best reenactment of Saturday Night Fever.  Think epicness.
While both of said Mitzvahs were awesome, neither included an entrance that held a candle to this: 
The dancers are faboosh, the all-white everything is heaven, the choreography and music are spot on, and the pointing at the crowd at the end is to.die.for.
Sam, will you kindly be my best friend?
And if not, will you partner up with this guy?  Because I think you two might have a really bright future together!

1 comment:

  1. I vote for Sam as the newest member of the Dream Team. The pointing to the crowd at the end really secured his spot.