February 08, 2013

Grocery Adventures

So many exciting things have been happening in the grocery store recently I think I am accidentally starting a new regular segment!

Yesterday I saw a big ol' boy buying a Rotisserie chicken for dinner.  First of all - Rookie Mistake.  Every good Harris Teeter shopper knows to buy their Rotisserie chickens on Sundays when they are an extra $2 off.


Second of all, when I came upon this scene, his chicken had just somehow come out of the carton packaging and fallen into the bag at the self checkout.  

Now if you had asked me 10 seconds before this event, I would have almost bet my life on the fact that no on would have actively chosen to take home the carton-less chicken in a bag.  The cashier immediately told him to go pick out any other chicken he would like at no extra charge.

"But this one was the best looking chicken out of all of them!"

He chose the chicken in the bag, people.  Just a whole chicken, sauteed in juices and herbs, in a lifeless plastic bag.  Good think I didn't take that bet beforehand!

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