February 12, 2013

The Ultimate Aqua Loafer

When I first saw this product my first that was: "No".

This is the Aqua Loafer from WantedShoes.Com

Then I started to think about how many times I have needed a handsome waterproof shoe.  That probably sounds like a joke.  It is not.

I have gone on so many trips/pretend adventures with Grant over the years in which I have been dramatically unprepared in the waterproof footwear department.  I've ruined non-waterproof shoes in the water and mud, and cut my feet on rocks due to lack of coverage from a flip flop.

I know Aqua Socks are an option, but let's be real folks.  When you are in a situation in which you need said Aqua Socks, you are probably already in a bathing suit, right?  An aqua sock does not flatter a thigh.  Everyone over 110 pounds knows this.  

Bathing suit + Aqua Socks = Man Repellent

Now I'm not saying I'm going to be looking like Kate Upton wearing a bikini and aqua loafers, but at least I wont be looking like every average redneck on Spring Break at Myrtle Beach.  This here's a fancy waterproof shoe, ya'll!  I'm probably going to have to get a pair before my next beach vacay.

My favorite part about this shoe is that it's called "The Ultimate Water Loafer"...as if there are other water loafers?!

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