February 25, 2013

Tap Taparoo

Last night's Oscars were just swell.  The highlight for me was definitely the musical montage featuring Chicago, Dreamgirls, and Les Miserables.

The low light was when this random lady gave the most pitiful little clap of all time following Jennifer Hudson's super fierce performance:

She just kept two-finger-tapping the clasp on her clutch.  That clearly is making no noise.  Show a little respect you anonymous lady.  That is not only one of the best power ballads in the history of cinema.  It's also the #1 song my sister and I like to belt out after a few cocktails and pretend we can sing...like, until our faces hurt and we are seriously winded.  Which will hopefully be happening this weekend when we reunite.

Watch the faux clap here:

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