August 17, 2012

Moment of Silence

My lovelies - Can we have a moment of silence?  I just realized that I had a terrible loss in my life a few days ago.  I, Mamacita, am no longer a certified notary. 
(Pause for dramatic reaction).

What's that you say?  You never knew I was a notary?  And wouldn't have cared even if you knew?  Well that's just crazy talk! 

I have been a certified notary public since 2004.  I have the stamps, the seal press, and the title to prove it.  Well I did.  Until last Sunday. 

I was urged to get the certification at my second job in DC.  I studied and studied for the test, then showed up to take it and was informed that by simply showing up I had passed the test.  For people who like studying and over-achieving, that was a bureaucratic slap in the face.  How can I get my A+ if I can't take the damn test!?

Anyway, I notarized about 2 documents then moved back to North Carolina.  Ever the career woman I am.

Now I am just a mere mortal who can no more certify your documents than I can give you a decent haircut.  (Which is not at all).

Good thing I am forever a certified "Underwater Naturalist" scuba diver, so I can still feel superior to the average person.

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