August 31, 2012

Haters Gon' Hate

Why, oh why, do politics have to be so nasty and wretched?
I can't even walk out the door before having someone's political views shoved down my throat.  Whether it's on Facebook (omg please stop this!  whatever happened to good old drunk party pictures and funny quotes)?, the news, or just my mom sending me propaganda videos, it's too much!
Can't a person form their own opinion, over time, no matter what it is, without having that opinion battered and beaten on every form of social and regular media, all hours of the day?
Full disclosure here: I'm not registered for either party.  Socially, I'm extremely liberal.  When it comes to fiscal and health care matters, I'm just downright uninformed.  I am actually looking very much forward to the debates so I can form my own opinion and get my learn on.
However, in the past week alone, I've mentally switched parties no less than 20 times.  One day I'm a Republican because, yeah, Government spending and welfare and whatnot are out of control.  Then, naturally, every Democratic friend I have on Facebook goes on to post pictures and insults telling me and others how absolutely stupid conservatism is and that Republicans are racist and sexist.
Then the next day, Paul Ryan says rape is just another form of conception and suddenly I'm a Democrat.  Until someone tells me that is stupid too.
Obviously I should ignore the naysayers and just stand up for what I believe in.  But what if I don't know what I believe in yet?  Quit f*cking badgering me politicos!!  If everyone believed in the same thing think how ass-boring this country would be. 
Essentially this is my extreme opinion about not have opinions...yet.  Give a sista' some time y'all.  I'll get there.  No matter where that is.  But in the meantime, for the love of God/Noone/Whoever you want to believe in, recognize that insults and extremism do not equal progress.  One love.

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