September 28, 2010


Nothing dramatic ever happens on facebook anymore :(

I miss the days of opening up my homepage, only to discover that Suzy Glasses from middle school was expecting an illegitimate child. Or that Francis Fabulous had finally come out of the closet. Or that Connie Conservative was in an interracial relationship.

Now it's all about Billy Boring bitching about his football team and Gretchen Gradschool complaining about the paper she has to write.

This is a call to my many, many facebook friends out there: Stop playing by the book! Start testing behavioral norms and social boundaries! For me, please?!

And finally, don't even get me started on the "Photos" feed. Does facebook really expect me to believe that with over 1500 friends only ONE person has uploaded photos in the last day?

RIP Original facebook. Your user friendliness and photo updates on the reg will always be greatly missed.

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