September 10, 2010

Clothing Store Etiquette


I went shopping for the first time in a long time today, and oh my was it rewarding. I found some super great things.

Random semi-related story: Before our honeymoon I bought several non-interesting but non-terrible shirts for travelling from Old Navy that really were all about $5-10 a piece. Everytime my husband said he liked me shirt, I said "Thanks, it was only $5 from Old Navy." After about the 5th time he admitted, "I don't really believe you anymore that you got all these shirts for $5." But at the time it was true.

Present day: The items I got today were NOT $5 :-/

Anywhoooo...I was checking out of Anthropologie with a "must have" shirt and the cashier said "I love this shirt! "And these earrings!" (oh yeah, I also bought earrings)

What is the proper protocol in this situation??

Does one say, "Thanks," because technically she is complimenting your shirt?

Or is it more humble to say, "Me too!" because, techinically, at that time, you don't yet own it so it's not being conceited?

No se! It's just awkward.

Also, I hate when you go to a dressing room and the worker in the area puts you in a room and says, "My name is _____, if you need anything."

And, if I don't need anything? What is your name then?

Me thinks the person should say, "My name is Mamacita. If you need anything, let me know."

Moral of the story: New outfits + Friday make Mamacita a happy girl :)

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