September 14, 2010

Repeat Repition

Do any of you out there ever experience repeat sightings after you first hear or see something for the first time?

For example, when I was younger, there was a girl I knew of named Leigh. Then I met another girl that looked a little like her, and I thought that was Leigh too.

Once I found out that the second girl was NOT Leigh, I saw both of them everywhere I went. Confusing in words, but wierd in real life.

Or when you hear a word for the first time, look up the definition, and then hear that word every following day that week in some form of media or another??

My repeat sighting this month has been FIGS!

I've obviously heard of figs before, and even been grossed out by a few Fig Newtons, but I've never actually seen a fresh fig.

Lo and behold, I've seen one every single day for the past 3 weeks. Whether it's on a blog, at the Farmer's Market, in a cookbook, on a menu, or sitting front and center at the Harris Teeter entrance, there they are. Figs. Everywhere.

Freaky stuff people!

What's your repeating sighting of the week/month/year?!?


  1. The Atlanta and DC disappointing as me being the one who responds to this :)

  2. One of my exs I started dating because we would notice each other every where before we met, including when we were driving down the road. He finally asked me out when I bumped into him at the Food Lion I was working at.

  3. The word archipelago. I only found out the right way to pronounce it like a year ago because, really, who the hell walks around saying that word? I probably hadn't said or heard it since reading The Cay in Mrs. Jones's 6th grade English class (the origin of my mispronunciation), and now suddenly people are saying it EVERYWHERE and providing a constant reminder of how stupid I must've sounded pronouncing it my way.

    My way: Ark-ih-pel-AHH-go
    Right way: Arkah-pellago

  4. Landy I LOVE your comment. You must hang out with way smarter people than me because I don't even think I've ever even heard that word said aloud.

  5. Yes!!!! I know EXACTLY what you're saying!

    Not that this has much of anything to do with it, but...remember that time period of about 4-5 months in high school when I kept thinking I saw myself? Like, when I saw Margot Neufeld driving out of the Day School parking lot and I jumped, and said, "Oh my gosh- I thought that was me!" And then I saw that girl talking on the pay phone in Spain, and I stopped dead in my tracks and said, "Woah! I thought that was me!"

  6. And when you saw a model in a Benneton ad and thought it was you? Yes I remember it well! Haha, that was a very entertaining part of my life :)