September 10, 2010

Let Their Be Food

I went to a great cooking class last night at Southern Season in Chapel Hill. This place is LUSCIOUS to the extreme. They have every imagineable spice, chocolate, coffee, plate, cookbook, wine, etc. that you could ever dream of.

It's also extremely confusing, overwhelming, and maze-like, but luscious nonetheless.

The class was called a Taste of Thai, and let me tell you...those Thai are on to something! Bursts of ginger! Crunches of peanuts and cashews! The light spice of onions, garlic, and shallots! Oh me, oh my.

Besides the fact that every recipe called for Fish sauce, which I've never seen, heard of, purchased, or used, I think I might just have to turn my kitchen into a regular ห้องครัว (that means kitchen in Thai).

Fun fact: The class was taught by an actual Thai woman who grew up without electricity! (Not the random lady pictured above).

While I would never in a billion years spend $35 on an entree at a restaurant, I would sure as hell spend $35 again at a cooking class. If you ask me that's a steal for 2 tasting glasses of wine, an appetizer, and 3 petite entrees. Not to mention an hour of entertainment our of your house, with a good friend, and away from the boob tube.

If you ever go with me though, just don't be one of those a-holes who asks a million questions just to prove that you also know a lot about cooking. There's a reason you're not teaching your own class, so shut up.

Cook on divas! Cook on!

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  1. Love it!!!! :-) Couldn't have described it better myself. Although, you did forget to mention the copious amounts of heat smuggled into every "petit entree". The baby had the hiccups all night (I'm not kidding)...I couldn't decide whether to cry from guilt or laugh!