August 15, 2014

Thoughts on Motherhood - 20 Weeks

1. Ever since becoming a parent I  cry every.single.night during the news.  What is the deal with that?
2. As a result of being pregnant and now spending a lot of time on the floor playing with Jack, I now have a real, bonafide hunchback.  Every time I try to strengthen my core by doing a sit-up so that I am not bent over, Rosie thinks I am playing a game and starts licking me.  So, I'm like a 30-something Quasimoto who is constantly covered in fuzz from the rug, dog hair from Rosie, and shame from my horrid new posture.
3. In related news, I'm conducting a one woman experiment to see how long it takes for a flabby stomach to go away without putting forth any real effort whatsoever...unless 5 sit-ups a week counts.  Which I'm quite sure it doesn't.
4. All of this time that I have been worried about how to get Jack to stop using a pacifier when he is older, I never realized that the day he stopped taking a pacifier would be one of the scariest days of my life.
5. When we started feeding Jack formula at night, he immediately started sleeping better.  A few days later when Jack wouldn't go to sleep for a nap, Grant said, "Maybe we should give him some formula."  I had to explain to him that it doesn't put him to sleep, it just helps him sleep at night because he isn't as hungry...But it's good to know that if we ever have to decide whether or not to sedate our baby, Grant is on board with no hesitation.
6. I have decided that as a new mom, until further notice, I reserve the right to drink a beer after 5:00 any day of the week, even if it's a random Tuesday.  Even if I'm by myself.  I survived another day with a 4 month old.  Therefore I deserve to drink.  Until my kid goes to college.  Simply put, it is very necessary.

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