August 12, 2014

Friend Like Me

Yesterday, while cooking dinner and, I'm sure, turning Grant on with my sweet moves, I was dancing around and singing every single word of "Friend Like Me". 
See, I finally found the perfect compromise between the Maria Carey Pandora station (for me) and the Raffi Pandora station (for Jack) --> The Disney Pandora station!  It is still child friendly but with enough ballads for me to sing along with to my poor audience of one who thankfully can't ask me to please stop singing yet.
I declared, "I think the greatest casting choice of our time was Robin Williams as the Genie.  Pure genius."
Cut to 15 minutes later - Grant walked in the door from the store and told me Robin Williams was dead.
So sad!  So weird!  I almost never talk about the casting decisions of animated movies.  
Mental illness is a sad, strange beast.  Who would have thought that someone so full of joy and life could be hiding such debilitating sadness to himself.
He will be missed for sure.  But never forgotten.  How could you ever forget a character with a name like Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire? 

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