August 06, 2014

Bathroom Reading

There is a guy at my gym who brings with him, every single day that I see him there, tiny handwritten notes on half sheets of paper. 
He either A) reads the same note/short story every time or B) writes himself an excerpt of the news or a book every single day to day with him to the gym instead of bringing an actual book/magazine/Kindle. 
This could only be more economical than actually buying a book/magazine/Kindle if you place absolutely zero value you on your time.  That would take hours per week to prepare for each gym session.
It mystifies me on the regular but, more importantly, it reminds me of a girl I used to work with who used to take a book with her to the bathroom all the time and read.  Like a full, hard cover book.  To read for 30+ minutes at a time.  She would stick the book in the back of her pants and try to sneakily enter the bathroom without being noticed.
I guess it worked on everyone else.  But since we shared an office I would notice her take the book, stick it in her pants, disappear for half an hour, than see her motionless feet beneath the stall when I went in to confirm my suspicions.  Hell, I even heard her turn the pages when I was in there! 
I'm all for listening to Pandora while cruising the Internet at work sometimes, but this was quite simply a slap in the face to everyone else who was chained to their desks.
It ended up pissing me off so bad I told on her.  Which makes me a loser.  And her an idiot.  But mostly it just reminds me of the handwritten author at my gym now and angers me a little.

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