August 18, 2014

Husband Alerts

Do you want to know a good indicator that you aren't feeding your husband enough food, or at least enough good food?
When an elder from the church comes over to discuss your child's baptism with you and your husband asks, "Are you sure we shouldn't put out an artisan breads or pastries?"
That mere question, coupled with his unprecedented use of the words "artisan breads" is a sure indicator that he's hungry and desperate for some non-freezer foods.
Do you want to know a good indicator that your husband is tired of siting on the couch with you watching the news and Jimmy Kimmel Live every night?
When he gets a text from an unknown number that says, "Do you want to have a beer in the street?" and he immediately responds "Yes", even though he literally has no idea who he is meeting in the street.
That is a good sign that it's time to step away from the remote and sweatpants and make yourself a little more exciting...Or to hope that the person he is meeting in the street isn't an ax murderer and then just enjoy your alone time!  Yep, that one sounds better.

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