June 30, 2014

Food Network Style Icons, and the bodies they work so hard to coverup

Ina is to the oversized Oxford shirt as The Pioneer Woman is to the XL Tunic. 
(As Anne Burrell is to the most insane hairdo ever, but I can't even handle her so let's not even go there....This does not make me "a happy girl").
Ladies, we've all seen you put 4 sticks of butter in your shortbread.  We don't expect that you'd have washboard abs underneath your clothes.  No need to put the cotton equivalent of a burlap sack on your torso and think you are fooling anyone.
I miss Paula.  At least she embraced her curves and electric white teeth with some vibrant colors and fitting shirts!   Sigh...
On a side note, is there anyone more annoying on the Food Network than Sandra Lee?  I swear to local channel 66, if she asks me one more time, "Can I just tell you?"...Lady, you have your own TV show!  The whole point is for you to just tell me.  Silence!

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