June 10, 2014

Wordy Babies

I'm just curious, when it comes to the ridiculous little titles on the Carter's outfits and pajamas, who is actually encouraging this trend?
In my collection alone, not by choice, I have shirts and pajamas that say the follow absurd things:
"Grandma's Favorite"
"Little Big Guy"
"Daddy's Little Hero"
"Dog Gone Cute"
I think the fact that he is a "little guy" is implied in the fact that he is a BABY!  But thanks for branding him.
And probably more but I tried my damndest to find clothes at Carter's that were wordless.  See, the thing is that I need Carter's.  I can't just abandon them on account of their overly wordy wardrobes because they are the most affordable baby clothes available. 
Daddy's Little Hero...No pressure.
Basically, I only dress my baby in the finest $5 door busters.  And I don't plan on stopping for a long time because he grows out of the clothes in like a day so I'm not going to invest a large sum of money in baby gowns and furs.  Although I do have a few nice things thanks to some generous gifts.  But for the most part, Jack wears Carter's.
Grandma's Favorite...Sorry cousin!
Here are some other absolutely ridiculous find from their current collection.
"Awesome Like My Uncle" (so specific!)
"I Love My Daddy"
"Dad & I Agree, Mom's the Best"
"Mr. Macho Man"
The list goes on but this is enough to make you a little embarrassed I'm sure.
This is actually from Babies R Us but too stupid to not share.  How does this have anything to do with babies?
Again, who is encouraging this?  Who would not prefer the exact same clothes and prices, but without the cheesiest expression possible?

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