June 12, 2014

Best Friends for Never

Even though Rosie seems like she might be coming around to Jack, and even though she loves him a lot when he has milk on his face and she temporarily dedicates her life to licking it all off, I still think Rosie is semi-devastated about having a sibling/not being an only child anymore.
They do have their moments.
If I could sum up their relationship in terms of shitty jewelry, I would say that Jack has a piece from the Open Heart Collection by Jane Seymour for Kay Jewelers. 
And Rosie has one half of a BFF necklace that she got at a kiosk at the mall, then  promptly put one half around her own neck and threw the other one on top of an Orange Julius in the trash can at the mall food court.  Way harsh.
Basically Rosie isn't really accepting new friends right now.  And Jack is too clueless and na├»ve to know that he's only being used for his tasty drool.  You could cut the tension with a knife.

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