December 19, 2013

Closet Go Boom

Last night, in an attempt to fix the teeny, tiny little loose screw in my closet, Grant broke the ever living shit out of the whole thing.  It was of the upmost hilarity. 
I've mentioned before how some things set off this absolutely uncontrollable laughter deep within my soul.  This would be one of those times.  Good, but not nearly as good as this - I Have Risen.  There's nothing like a grown man wearing purple gloves to bed.
I didn't get a picture of the destruction because, well, getting up is hard these days and I just wanted to lay their giggling my ever-expanding ass off on the bed.
But picture this:
with every single item on the top left rack fallen on the floor.
It was actually a blessing in disguise.  Not only did he end up repairing the teeny, tiny loose screw (turned mangled screw, sheetrock, metal disaster), but I also randomly cleaned out my closet.  I ended up giving away over 30 shirts and sweaters to Goodwill.
FYI - If you are the type of person that likes to hold on to things "just in case they fit", try cleaning out your closet when you're almost 7 months pregnant.  Those cute shirts that normally look like they are totally going to fit well really soon, now look like the Mount Everest of casual wear.  Goodbye to you!
I also did something crazy that I've always kind of wanted to do.  Color coordinate my shirts!  Now it looks like this:

Not OCD color coordinated.  Just so that all the members of the ROYGBIV family get to hang out with those they have the most in common with.
Not Real Housewives of Beverly Hills material, but definitely fit for the Queen of my one story house and closet from a box. 
So Grant, I thank you for fixing my closet.  And the good people of the Goodwill Community Foundation thank you for breaking it.
Bonus good news - When I dropped off my donation this lady accepted it.  Her hair was no longer hot pink but she still called me "Sweatheart" a lot, so that was nice and weird.

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