December 06, 2013

'Tis the Season

I just got introduced and reacquainted with 2 holiday MUST HAVES.
The first one is this absolutely delicious smelling holiday candle:

It would make the perfect gift for a woman who loves the smell of Christmas merriment.  It comes in an adorable red felt box that just screams MERRY MERRY!  Or you can do what I did and just selfishly gift it to yourself.  It's already paying me back in dividends as one of 2 measly Christmas decorations that I am doing this year and as the only candle ever that my husband has complimented or enjoyed. 
He's one of those types of guys that doesn't believe in things like paying for smells or decorations, much less decorative smells.  Which at first makes you feel like he doesn't appreciate the things you like, but then when you think about makes you glad he's a man and how highly alarmed you would be if he actually did care about candles.  Oh, you know one of those too?
This candle is available in Wilmington, fittingly, at Nest in the Forum.  Small candles are about $13 and large is $34.  My advice, get a couple smalls and spread them throughout the house.  That way you won't have one giant half used candle to deal with next year or to have to throw out. 
Next up is the holiday cookie of the week, the month, the holiday, nay - THE YEAR!  If you love peppermint things like me, and I loooooooooove peppermint things, this is really just YOUR cookie:
It's like if Oreo's, Santa, Trader Joe's, and a giant peppermint had a holiday orgy, this would be their love child. 
I had the blind luck of forgetting about these for a few  years and likely saving myself 10-15 holiday pounds.  But I was reintroduced last night and after tasting that glorious chocolaty minty crunch again I say, "Bring on the holiday pounds!  For you peppermint, I'll do anything!"  They are just so, so good. 
My friend gave me five.  I had 3 on my way home from dropping her off and 2 for breakfast.  If I learned anything from my former roommate who ate an entire box of Thin Mints in one sitting, it's that sometimes you just need to rip that edible band aid off, eat the shit out of something, and move on with your life.  And if you're really, really lucky, you'll find a good chocolaty chunk of surprise leftovers on your upper lip a little later that you can savor for just a moment longer.
Happy Holidays!   Enjoy these must haves before they are no longer available!

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