December 13, 2013

Do Not Want

I heard these exact words on the radio this morning:
"Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas movie comes out this weekend.  Larry the Cable Guy is in this one."
I would l'trally rather Glitter on repeat than participate in any of that heinousness listed above.  That sentence actually makes me feel car sick somehow.
(The Opposite of) Fun Fact:  All of Tyler Perry's movies are depressing.  I tuned in one time to Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion thinking it was going to be like a black version of the Griswold's Christmas.  WRONG!
The scene I saw was of a man beating his wife than mentally and physically forcing her to tell him she loved it. 
Tyler Perry, you may be a bazillionaire but perhaps you didn't get the memo: When you put on a fat suit and talk in a fake voice, it's supposed to be hilarious.  Not scary and terrible.
Needless to say, you won't see me at the cinema this weekend.

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