November 15, 2013

Wise Words from Ray Romano

I saw Ray Romano come to the greatest realization on Wednesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live.  This epiphany came after telling a story of his wife, who was asleep, getting mad at him for reading a book, because they were supposed to talk.  His defense was, rationally, that she was asleep. 
Her response: 
"Oooooh, so you just immediately pick up a book."
He said he realized this from the argument:
Women want you to focus on them...only every waking moment.  With laser focus.  Then, when they go to sleep, you should sketch them.
That way when they wake up, instead of being able to accuse you of not paying attention to them or slacking off, you can say, "Here, look at this beautiful picture I drew of you!"
Sounds simple enough!  Ray Romano you are a wise man.

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