November 07, 2013

Shut Up Sky Mall Magazine - One of a kind shirts, for one of a kind men

Too expensive to be a joke, but too stupid to be real.
The shirt option pictured above reminds me of Tom Hanks in the movie "Big".  It's like a man, who really isn't an adult, decided this shirt was appropriate just because it had a pocket and buttons.  Never mind the fact that it is made of patterns that include constellations, the pin stripes of a 1920's pimp, a race car driving collar, and neon swatches that look like they belong under the sea.
Just because you can exchange US Dollars for something, it doesn't mean it's a real thing.
Unless you are a quilt, 10 different fabrics is 8-9 fabrics too many.  I don't care if you are a mash up of pastels, neutrals, or Argentinian clubbing prints.  Less is more.
Bonus: "Because these shirts are a piece of art, the color and pattern is not revealed until the package is opened."  
So that means you don't get to know if you are going to be a Grade A douche bag or just a mid-level one until your shirt arrives.  Oh, what fun!!
"A One Of A Kind shirt allows you to show that you're an individual, that you're a little different than everyone else and you want them to take notice of who you are."  Oh, and that you are a gullible idiot who just paid $129.99 for the biggest apparel eye sore since the Wolves Howling at the Moon shirts, which I still don't get.

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