November 21, 2013


In case you haven't already seen the cutest thing of all time, allow me to let you in the loop:
A California blogger at and her family just adopted a cute little puppy from an animal shelter.  And that cute little puppy started taking daily naps with their even cuter little son.  The rest is rapidly becoming history, on Good Morning America, CNN, Huffington Post, and more. 
And it's not hard to see why:
I don't care if you are a new dog lover like me, or the OG dog fanatic like my mom.  You have to love this.  Hell, even if your heart is made of cold, cold stone (mmm now I want Cold Stone), this will melt you.
I'm sure both of these cuties will grow to be much bigger.  And fast.  But does it make me a terrible person that I wish I could just stunt both of their growth and watch them be cuddly and adorable and that size forever?
Why are things that are petite so much cuter than things that are non-petite?  I'm allowed to ask that question because I am extremely NON-Petite.
Follow her on Instagram @mommasgonecity to see this cuteness daily.  It might just turn your frown upside down when you need it most.

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