November 25, 2013

Best Advice Ever

I just got a new pair of maternity pants for work and they are glorious.  They feel like pajamas and hopefully look just like regular black pants.  If you work with me and you disagree - keep it to yourself because they fit, therefore I love them.
It's going to be so hard to get re-accustomed to the whole exhausting zipping up the pants and buttoning the pants ordeal again after having this baby.  This whole faux zipper/button situation that maternity pants has going on is on is the titties.
You know what else is the  This advice that I just found while investigating yoga moves that I should no longer do:
" Don't hesitate to take breaks during class to rest in a Wide Child's Pose, or to even skip class altogether to take a nap."
Don't mind if I do!  This might just be my new words to live by.
I definitely think people take the whole "eating for two" thing too seriously.  But the entire notion of having to take it easy while pregnant is right up my alley.  And not just out of laziness. 
It's pretty remarkable what things that used to be easy are now hard.  Like walking up stairs.  And walking the dog.  And getting out of bed to pee 400 times per night.  I'm getting a little winded just talking about it.  I better stop.

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  1. Oh man, I am right there with you. I sound like I've run a marathon when I'm on the couch watching a movie. "Stop breathing so heavily" - Will