July 01, 2013

The Case of the Beer

Sometimes at Harris Teeter you can get a case of beer for the same price as an 18-pack. 
It really doesn't make sense to me.  Why would anyone buy 18 beers when they could get 6 more for the same price?  The only possible scenarios I can think of when this would be ideal is if you yourself don't drink and what zero leftovers, but are hosting a party and buying beer and either:
A) You are inviting exactly 9 people and allotting them each 2 beers.  Which does not sound like a very fun party.
B) You are inviting 6 people and each of them get 3 beers.  Still sounds lame, and now there are so few people the odds of anything crazy happening are almost nil.
C) You are inviting exactly 2 people and allotting them 9 beers each.  In which case, now we are talking, but who has a party with 3 people?
But in any of those scenarios it sounds like you and your friends plan too much.   In which case I would probably love you because I love planning things to a T and hate leftover anything.  Nonetheless, we all probably need to lighten up about this whole situation and just buy the extra 6 beers, people!!
Perhaps I've over thought this.  It just doesn't even make sense to me to have this nonsensical offering available at the store.
That all being said, cases of Bud Light at Harris Teeter are currently $13.99.  (So are 18-packs but by now you know my thoughts on that.)  Go load up for the 4th.  Also, click here to get a $5 coupon for Fresh Market to buy your 4th of July feast!

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