July 03, 2013

Now Everyone Probably Is Hanging Out Without Me

I left my book at the Doctor's office last Friday.  I called when I realized I'd left it and left a message.  I assumed they'd have it sitting right up front for me.  NBD.
Well I went to retrieve it this morning and it was no where to be found.  One girl behind the front desk said she saw it in the patient room so we checked in there.  No dice.
She said, "It was that book about 'Why Won't People Hang Out With Me?' or 'Nobody Wants Me to Hang Out With Them' or something like that right?"
I said, "Right!" Excited that we were getting warmer.
No one could find it.  I left empty handed.  Boo hoo, whatever. 
Then it hit me in the car ride to work: OMG.  She probably doesn't know who Mindy Kaling is and she thinks I am reading the saddest, most desperately titled self-help book ever.  I won't go into stereotypical detail, but trust me, this was not the type of woman who watched The Office and The Mindy Project.  I'm 99% sure she didn't know this was a mindless book of humorous essays.
So that was fun.  Now I'm bookless and embarrassed.  Any good book recommendations?  Preferably something new and exciting, but just old enough to be available in hardback??

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