July 30, 2013

Baby Bangs

Have you recently given birth to a baby girl that you think is perfect, but that others think is a boy?
As the author is this article asks, "Have you recently given birth to a baby girl, only to find that she is a bulbous, hairless, 8-pound elderly man?"
Then we've got the solution for you:
BABY BANGS - "The infant beauty product for the girl who has everything—except hair!"
Now, instead of being gender questionable, your baby can be a creepy water nymph with grandma hair.  Winning!
"There’s just one thing that Baby Bangs! can’t resolve: “We do not recommend leaving baby bangs … on any child while sleeping,” the company FAQ reads. The second your baby closes her eyes, she reverts back to bald man. Night night, ugly baby."

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