July 16, 2013

Sassy Slings

Well, in true  Mariah fashion, she is now dressing up her injured shoulder in the most absolutely fabulous arm slings money can buy.
I die.
Seriously, how can you not adore this woman's unabashed embrace of the ridiculous? 
The correct answer is: You can't!
I was very proud and tickled that 4 different people sent me this article yesterday about her bedazzled slings.  I guess when you have a public love for Mariah Carey, people want to spread the good word of her crazy. 


  1. I almost sent you this article yesterday but I had a feeling you knew already. Might have to pretend I broke my arm so I can have a bedazzled sling!!!

  2. At least her left arm is still available to flail about awesomely.