June 27, 2013

I Heart Paula

I just have to get this off my chest:
Sure, she uses more butter in a dish than should be consumed in a month.
Sure, she makes "o's" sound like "a's" and unabashedly abuses the word "y'all".
Sure, she might have used a racial slur in the past and gotten caught.  But who hasn't made mistakes and said something they wish they could take back?  No one I know!
I think Paula Deen is a charming, inspiring, loving, generous woman.  And I used to watch her everyday at the gym on the Food Network.  I know, it seems counterproductive to watch someone make cookie dough truffles and mayonnaise pies while you are getting your cardio on.  But damnit, she kept me entertained and she kept me pushing on that elliptical. 
Now all I have is the Pioneer Woman who makes dishes that are in no way recipes and that do not at all require a television show.  Like club sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies, to name a few recent examples.  And oh, by the way, Ree, you are great but I don't give a rat's ass about your horses.  Give me Paula back! 
If we can forgive Bill Clinton for having an affair with a homely intern and Chris Brown for beating a woman (sidenote: I have and never will forgiven him for this and despise him), than FOR THE LOVE, can we please forgive this Southern teddy bear of a woman for a past mistake.  If we don't, there could be many butter farmers out there that won't be able to give their kids Christmas this year. 
You aren't just hurting my gym entertainment Food Network, you're hurting the kids.

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