July 09, 2013

Mimi got a boo boo

The only thing more surprising than Mariah Carey sustaining what sounds to a layman like a sports injury, is the fact that people are still making music videos.  Why?  Where do these videos get played?
I actually saw a music video on MTV recently, and I almost fell off the elliptical.  But it was at 10am on a Thursday morning, and the video was "Yeah", by Usher, circa 2008, so it wasn't like I had really untapped a legitimate source.
This general disappearance of music video really makes me kind of sad.  I used to come home everyday from school and watch my beloved Carson Daly count town the top 10 videos of the day on TRL.  I can't believe today's youth has to live without that sort of visual stimuli.  Heaven forbid they have to go outside and play instead!
And just for good measure:

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  1. Music videos are extinct because everyone's busy reading your blog instead. "hello, hello, hello -- is anybody in here???"