June 10, 2013

Just, no

I saw this yesterday, on the high holy day, after getting my butt lifted, toned, burned, and handed to me at Pure Barre.  I had to muster all the strength left in my shaking legs to get in the opposite lane I needed to be in to snap this pic at the red light:
Women Love Me, Fish Fear Me!!
Fish Naked
That's What She Said
Part of me hopes this is a joke, because it makes no sense.  A play on words is only as good as the words that exist before it.  Which in this case, is not the case.
The other, more redneck part of me, really likes the gusto with which this truck driver just went for it with rapid fire succession of expressions that reflect his love for fishing and unoriginality. 
And that last little part of me is just really, really sore from Pure Barre.

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