June 06, 2013

Garden Growth

Are you growing a garden this season?  We are!  And it's currently in beast mode.  Everything is growing so fast.  I love it!
Yesterday morning I picked green beans and by that evening a whole new round had grown big enough to pick.  It must be all the rain and humidity.  I bet this tropical storm coming up is going to be like a spa day for our gardens.  They love to drink up water almost as much as Grant loves to drink Daiquiris.
Let me show you what's happening in the garden!

Camera 1 - Look at those tomatoes in the forefront.  Last year we got like A tomato.  This year they are growing like beautiful crazy babies!

Peekaboo.  I see you.  Now turn red!

Next on tap - Squash.  And lots of it.  I had no idea this is how squash grew until this summer.  It's quite beautiful.

Fun Fact : My Indian Princess name when I was younger was Squash Blossom.  Thanks dad, for the most random name humanly possible!  I still have the leather medallion somewhere in my keepsakes to prove it.

On to my favorite, most versatile garden growth.  The Cucumber!

Last year we made so many jars of pickles with these cucs and they were a hit.  This year I'm going to try a different recipe.  Gotta keep 'em guessing!

If there is a faster growing garden vegetable I'd really like to know what it is.  These things grow like delicious prickly weeds.

Finally, a second view of the garden to show the lettuce.  I l'trally cannot use this lettuce fast enough.  It grows so well!  We have butter, spinach, and a few hybrid variations.

We also have a flourishing herb garden on the side of our house, but I didn't take a picture that and I'm assuming you know what herbs look like.  So, picture that!

I can't wait to harvest more green beans and the first batch of squash next week.  Pretending to be a farmer ROCKS!

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