November 16, 2012

Turks and Caicos - Fishing and More

I mentioned yesterday that we stayed at the Ocean Club Resort at Grace Bay.  It was one of the older resorts and, as we found out later, the furthest most resort from everything else.  It was no big deal because there was a shuttle in to town, but we didn't take advantage of that until the 3rd day.  AKA, the day we couldn't walk anymore.  More on that later.
Back to the accommodations:
Our room was basically a studio apartment.  It was nice because we were able to buy groceries and save a lot of money on breakfasts and lunches by eating in house.  And I do mean A LOT of money.  A case of beer in this town was $60-$70USD!!!!!  A freaking tuna sandwich was $10.
Our room rate was totally reasonable though.  PLUS I got 20% off of our nightly rate by mentioning a Trip Advisor advertisement I saw.  Budget Diva says What?!
I also put a deposit for almost half the amount down back in May so when we checked out it was basically like free money.  JK, but it wasn't bad at all.
The kitchen.  Where many a condiment-less sandwich was made for lunch.
The immediately adjacent bedroom.  Very comfy bed...
I spy some snorkels from the days of my childhood.  Best hand-me-down ever!
Conchs are all the rage in the Turks and Caicos.  After I took this picture a guy chased me down and told me I had to pay.  Apparently he was just messing with me, but I got awkward, told him I would pay later, and then
he and Grant had a good laugh at me.  Can't out hustle a hustler.
Not pictured was the decorative conch that was in our bedroom.  On the second to last day Grant picked it up to see if he could blow in it and make it bellow.  What he found instead was a big ol' bag of weed and rolling papers.  Bonus!  Just kidding, it was really old and crunchy to the touch.  I bet someone was really bummed when they realized they left that behind, maaaaan.

These are the his and hers aqua socks that our next door neighbors left out to dry each night.  How cute?!

This is the human torture device known as the J.Crew beach backpack that I've had since middle school.  It's OK for walking 10 feet to the beach with a towel in it.  Not so much for walking 5 miles in the sand with 2 towels, 2 snorkels, etc.
Turns out leather straps and woven straw don't feel so good on the bare skin of a sun-burned beach travellerAlso, could it possibly sit any lower on my body?

This was us before Grant's Birthday dinner.  I had a nice long dress I was going to wear but after an epic 5+ mile walk on the beach in my bathing suit, my thighs filed for separation on account of irreconcilable chaffing.  Thank God for pants.
Sometimes Grant and I really play it fast and loose with the term "within walking distance".  What seems so easy to get to on the way there sure doesn't feel ask close on the way back.  Luckily we caught some good snorkeling trails on the way and got a little cardio in!
I could seriously barely walk the next few days because the original skin on feet had been exfoliated to the point on non-existence, on account of the multi-mile sand expedition.
 We ate at a most luscious place called Coco Bistro on Grant's Birthday. The ambiance there is top notch with beautifully lit palm trees and an intimate feeling. Also, Sarah Jessica Parker was once spotted there so you know it's got to be Ab Fab!

Luscious Mojito to start

Conch Ceviche Two Ways - Sweet and Savory

Coconut Curry Bone-In Chicken with Tiger Shrimp and Basmati Rice
I loved how a lot of the dishes on the island had an Indian influence.  I heart Indian Food
I am definitely going to start cooking more chicken breasts with the bone in and the skin on because this was the most moist, delicious piece of chicken I have ever tasted.
Grant's real present was a day of bonefishing.  We went with Silver Deep charters and I can't recommend them enough.  Our guide was funny, knowledgeable, easy going, and had celebrity stories.  What more could you ask for when stuck out on a boat all day!?  (Apparently Will Smith is a great guy.  John Fox isn't a great fisherman but is a generous uncle.  And Keith Richards really does drink vodka at 8am.

It was overcast and windy as a Mo Fo so we were worried we wouldn't have any luck, but luckily we were wrong.  Grant was also really worried that a coconut was going to fall on his head the whole trip, so maybe we worry too much.
Nonetheless we caught fish!  7 bonefish and a mixed bag of other lil' guys.

My first catch was a bit of a bleeder so I pulled a diva card and used a towel.
The second one I was brave and went for direct contact.  I had also covered up at this point in a shirt because, despite the cloud cover, I always blister like a peach.  #Whitegirlproblems
Fishing was definitely the highlight of the trip.  Grant caught a bunch but wouldn't let me post pictures of him on DSW, so just imagine the happiest brand new 30 year old in all the land holding a big bonefish, and that's what the real pictures look like.  Silly boys and their privacy!

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