November 15, 2012

Turks and Caicos - Day 1

This post is going to be very bittersweet to write, as I sit staring out the window at the cold, pouring rain.  But I'll power through the feelings of seasonal depression to share a few memories.
We stayed at the Ocean Club Resort at Grace Bay.  It was perfect for us.  Not too expensive, not too fancy, and not too cheesy. 
When I say cheesy I am referring to the "Beaches" by Sandals down the road from us that was blaring what appeared to be Now That's What I call Music! Volume 44 on full blast, while passing around watered down drinks, with 4 million kids running around.  We did walk up to the bar there to see if they would "card" us for ordering a drink.  They did not!  And we got free beers. 
Like I always say, the only thing better than food and beer is free food and beer! 
This was the view of our hotel/resort from the beach.
I matched the umbrellas!
After taking this picture we walked to the grocery store via the beach before sunset.  Not a bad way to get to the store.  However...Carrying 20 pounds of (sweet Jesus, holy mother expensive!) wine, beer, and bananas back when darkness has suddenly fallen, your North Carolina appropriate sweater is rejecting the 85 degree local temperature, and your grocery bags rip on the bottom is decidedly less exotic.
View of the beach cabana/restaurant at our hotel.
Thanks for the tips Wise Woman!  This was spotted at Jimmy's Dive Bar in town.
Obligatory tourist quote
One of quite a few delicious rum punches!  It packed a punch, indeed.
Postcard Shot!
I can't get over these umbrellas.  Turquoise + Pink = Paradise
Now I really want to go back.  But I'd also just settle for the sun appearing here in Wilmington.  Which it has not since I've been back!

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