November 14, 2012

Birthday Holiday

I just got back from a trip to the Turks and Caicos where we celebrated Grant's 30th Birthday and had a grand ol' time.  It was sunny, relaxing, and glorious.  I'll do a recap post soon.  Hopefully I can upload all my pictures tonight (AKA Wednesday, AKA my only free night of the week until December 18 because of my real estate class). 

Until then I want to leave you with my favorite quote of the trip:
"My version of heaven is a giant Strawberry Daiquiri that I get thrown in to and have to drink my way out of."
Followed later by this proclamation, as if he had just discovered the nectar of the gods (as opposed to a high fructose, sugar syrup, faux-fruit blend),
"The Daiquiri is definitely the best drink in the world.  Ever."
-The Birthday Boy/The Daiquiri's #1 Fan

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