November 28, 2012

Ode to Clementine

It used to make me really mad that clementines only come in boxes of 30. Who has enough hunger or time to eat that many clementines before they go bad? And why do they have to package them in those irresistible wooden boxes with all the perky little orange fruits staring at you, "Take me home! I'm adorable!"
 They were actually following me at the Fresh Market last night!

 I fell for that box just last Saturday. But this time, the box will not beat me. I gave half to my dad, 2 per day to my husband, and I'm personally taking down at least 2 a day as well. I will dominate this box of clementines before they go bad. Mark my words!
The only thing I can see getting in my way is this Friday. AKA, the day that Grant brings all the fruit BACK home that he didn't eat during the week. Dude, just throw it away at work! I would never know you didn't eat it. I wouldn't be concerned about your vitamin levels. And, more importantly, who wants a black banana!? Throw. It. Away.
This message is brought to you by my Vitamin C level, which is currently on fire!

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