November 29, 2012

A Day No Eyes Would Roll

In shocking news, I did not win the Powerball last night.
I bought my first ticket ever and seriously thought I was going to win, because I deserved it.  No really, that's what I said to Grant last night and he told me my odds were not good, in between eye rolls.
I also got an eye roll from the BP attendant when I asked for a Power "bowl" ticket and said, "This is my first time."  What?  I'm a gambling virgin.  I was in the Dominican Republic once and I cashed $20 into coins to play the slots.  I put in one coin, lost $0.25 and changed all my coins back in to cash.  I did not like losing money.  And I've never gambled since.  Until last night!
When I was buying the ticket a guy behind me asked me what I would do with it if I won.  I enthusiastically said, "Put it into to savings!"
I thought he was going to smack me.  He said that was the dullest response he'd ever heard.
Not even one matching number.

But it got me thinking what I would do if I won.
First, I really would put most of it in savings.  I heart financial security.
Second, I would give all of my blog followers $10 as promised last night.  Which you would know if you follow me on Facebook.  Which apparently no one does because I didn't get any more followers. 
Then I would probably get some sort of facial treatment to even out my skin.  Then I'd hire someone to repaint my neon yellow kitchen.
Then I would just go to bed and wake up for work the next day.  I mean, I'm sure I'd online shop once I got there for some Kate Spade purses and Frye boots that I would NEVER pay full price for without my lottery millions.  But after that I'd probably just sit back and watch my interest grow. 
It's nice to already have a lot of the things you already want.  And it's even nicer to not obsessively feel the need to have it all.  And by staying at my job and in my modest house I'd break the curse of the lottery ruining your life and I'd stay "true to myself" despite being rich as hell.
 But I didn't win so it doesn't matter.  But it's always nice to have a plan in place in case of sudden financial greatness.

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