August 19, 2010

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Questieanu Reeves people.

Does anyone know how much people who work at Victoria's Secret get paid?

Last night I was there cashing in my voucher for a free pair of rouched cotton hiphuggers that I received in the mail (because apparently even VS knows I'm poor and a sucker for anything free).

When I was "checking out" (didn't spend a dime), I heard the 2 cashiers bitching about how it was going to rain and they hated driving home in the rain.

While the one on the left with the standard VS assymetrical haircut said she had to drive about 30 minutes from home, eyeliner mcgee on the right said she commutes an HOUR!

I was stunned. I mean, surely there are places in her hometown that pay the same hourly wage right? Or does VS really pay people enough to make that commute worth it. I would think that you'd eat up at least half of your daily pay on gas alone!

If any of you out there are former Victoria's Secret employees, and this is some sort of untapped gold mine of a job, holla atcha girl. Because I also don't make any money, but at least I can walk to work!

*Random, random sidenote: The longest I've ever driven to a job was when I worked in DC and had to drive to Greenbelt, MD. Without going into a lot of detail, it was a temporary stint at a collection agency. And, omg, if I'd started this blog while I was at that job, I swear to god I'd be famous.

It was the most ridiculous place ever. Highlights include 1) Me eating lunch in my car everyday because people made fun of me for eating salads (it was a large group of women, and I don't mean a lot of them),

2) A lady randomly having a full fledged seizure and then just going back to her desk and working

3) A girl named Candy (yep, Candy) getting tandem frog tattoos with her mom, because "my mom is just cool like that."

Good times, I'm sooo glad I got that college degree.

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