August 23, 2010

Sugar Mama

Technically, after almost 3 months of marriage, this week constitutes the first week that my husband and I have actually permanently lived in the same place as a married couple.

I thought we would stay in our craptastic lovely little rental house together last night and offically start our married lives together.

Not so.

He stayed in some random old strangers' house where he is dog sitting.

And while this could be kind of odd and annoying to some people, I have to say I'm kind of glad he has a job!

One thing I have never mentioned on DSW is that in addition to being an avid tv watcher, diva lover, food/wine binger, and all around model American, I'm also a sugar mama to my grad school attending husband.

He's going to be doing this for about 2 weeks, so I'm thinking that finally after that things will become newlywed normal. But who knows. Apparently, there are a shockingly abundant amount of obstacles that can prevent us from ever living together!

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