August 30, 2010

Pizza for Breakfast

Even though I really hate flying, because I'm a wuss, there is one thing about air travel that I really love - The total disregard for normal eating times and behavior.

On a recent flight that required me to be at the airport around 6am, my heart just melted upon seeing several of today's youth noshing on a piece of pizza before the sun had even risen.

There's something so liberating about staring oatmeal in the face and laughing as you purchase your first meal of the day from the nearest Sbarro.

I know that personally, on the way back from our international honeymoon, I had about 6 lunches.

I know that's not good or normal, but the flight attendants were passing out sandwiches almost every time zone we traversed. And who am I to deny free food?! That's just rude!

I just want to say, "Thank you, airports, for making impossible food dreams come true, for only 150% more than they would cost outside the confines of your walls."

P.S. Wtf is this "crosscheck" that flight attendants are always preparing for on flights?? And how are they not already ready for it after all these years?

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