February 14, 2016

That was a doozy

Well I basically just got to live out every girl's fantasy: Trying on formal wear 4 weeks post partum.  I have a bad cold and my baby, who I once thought was a miracle baby because she slept for 6 hours straight two times, decided to wake up every 2 hours last night.  So I was in no way physically or emotionally prepared for this shopping experience.
I mean, I knew I wasn't exactly looking slim right now.  But holy hell.  The lighting was not my friend.  I looked like some sort of indistinguishable fat sack in most dresses.  I almost lost all hope when I stumbled upon what can only be described as the Quinceañera department of Dillard's.  But thankfully there were some more conservative options in the adjacent old lady section. 
I ended up with two options.  One I'm almost 99% sure I will see a senior citizen also wearing at the event next weekend, probably looking way more fly than me.  The other was more than I've ever spent on a dress ever but I think I could actually wear again.  So it's pretty much a win-win.
I can justify spending more money on the second dress with the rationale of: Oh wait...I don't give a shit how much this cost because you are making me go to a formal event 4 weeks after birthing your baby.  But also it's kind of pretty.
Long story short: thank God for Spanx.

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