February 07, 2016

Kids Before Bros

I have read blogs and articles in the past from women saying they keep their marriages strong by putting their husbands first above all else, even their children.
If you know any of these women, call Child Services immediately.  They are definitely neglecting their children.  I'm pretty sure I won't have another intelligent conversation with my husband for at least 6 months.
Having 2 kids is no joke. 
We did actually speak in passing today, discussing how the 11th anniversary of our first date is coming up next week.  Then we realized if we had never met one of us might actually get to watch the Super Bowl in its entirety or even go out in public and watch it at an establishment.

I was even going to drink too much during the game and give my baby a bottle at her next feeding, but then she never went to bed in the first place and I ran out of time to drink all my drinks.
I don't know much these days.  Mainly because I'm sleep deprived and living in a bubble with an emotional toddler and a new born.  But I do know the secret to surviving the first few months of parenthood: Having friends nice enough to start a Meal Train (mealtrain.com) for you and a membership to Amazon Prime.  That way you don't have to attempt to cook or leave the house to get essentials.  Especially the unmentionables that a lady sometimes needs after giving birth and doesn't want to ask  visitors to procure for her.
Although the whole not leaving the house or cooking thing can get a little dicey.  Today for lunch I fed my family mozzarella sticks from the freezer and a packet of tuna with crackers for lunch.  Shockingly Grant did not seem too impressed!
Oh, and I miss sleep.  A lot.  But we are all still alive so I consider that a success.

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