January 22, 2015

Wake Up Shut Up

Besides my baby, life, husband, and general well being, I have a really compelling reason to stay healthy in life --> So that I never have to get anesthesia again.

On Monday I had an endoscopy to further investigate my raging post-pregnancy acid reflux that has been giving me breathing trouble for months.  I wasn't scared of the needles, being put to sleep, or the procedure.  But I was terrified of what I might say when I woke up.

You see, my past with anesthesia has involved saying the following ridiculous things upon waking up:

- That I invented the high five.


- Telling the doctor that his partner's daughter is mean for no reason and seemingly likes being a bitch.  

-Telling the doctor that his son is hot.

- Waking up sobbing and telling the nurses that I'm not sad, I'm just so happy because they did an amazing job removing my tonsils.

And this time I woke up startled saying, "Oh sorry I didn't know where I was!  I thought I was being robbed...Not because you're black."

UGH!  I am an idiot.  I don't even say stuff like that ever!  What is wrong with me?!  Grant already told me if I ever have to have this done again to stretch my esophagus out again that he can't come with me because he works at the hospital and doesn't want to be associated with my unpredictable post-anesthesia musings.

Fair enough.

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