December 15, 2014

S.O.S. at 6am

Waking up at 6am every morning is for the birds.   Actually, it's probably before the birds get up.  

What is a person supposed to do at that hour?  

I had made a meatloaf by 8am this morning.  That is not even normal.

Usually by 10:45 am each morning, when I've been awake for 5 hours, I'm already thinking about how nice it will be to get in bed.  But instead I try to think of something to do to entertain Jack for the next 7 hours.

Alright, I've played with all my toys.  What's next, mom?
Do any fellow stay at home moms have any recommendations for activities for babies who are too old to be entertained my shiny objects but too young to do crafts, etc.?  I need something to supplement our toys at home, our beloved box fort, and the pastime of spilling over a dog bowl again and again and again.

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