December 05, 2014

Boys and Bathrooms

Yesterday I ate my lunch while sitting on top of a toilet (with the lid closed!) while Jack played in a bathtub (with no water in it).  Score: F for lunchtime setting.  A+ for containment of child while eating.

Like his forefathers before him, Jack is obsessed with being in the bathroom.  Every time I let him lead the way he makes a straight shot for one of our bathrooms.

What is it with guys and bathrooms!?  If he isn't peering into the empty bathtub, he's either trying to sort the trash, eat the toilet seat, or make toilet paper confetti.

Also, should I be alarmed that my child will gladly eat toilet paper and dog food but has no interest in the organic, nutritious, wholesome fruits and veggies that I make him?  

If I could describe Jack in a nutshell it would be:

Lover of life, Rosie, and the pursuit of bathrooms.

Passionate hater of anything involving straps and food.

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