December 11, 2014

Game Changers

This past week has been incredible.  Thanks to a few new things I have discovered that have truly changed my life.

1) This cheese:

It melts like a damn dream and has some spice in it.  It transformed some really good enchiladas into some epic enchiladas Sunday night and I couldn't be more excited for the homemade Mexican future.  I found it next to the normal cheese in the refrigerated section.

2) This:

I don't want to go as far as say I'm an "inventor", but I'm pretty sure I just found a revolutionary new way to eat fries while driving.

Dump the fries into the bag.  Sprinkle with Ketchup.  Then rip the entire top off of the bag.  It's like an in-car tray sent from the McDonalds gods to help ease your drive and fatten your ass on long car rides.

3) This mirror for babies in the car from Baby Einstein.  I've mentioned many times how Jack hates his car seat.  And I don't know if it's a sudden change in personality or a combination of maturing ;) and getting a convertible car seat and this miracle mirror device.  But I do know that I can actually go places now and not feel like a total prisoner in my own home.  Jack hasn't cried in the car in over a week and we go multiple places per day.  I'm a real girl again!

4) Jarred baby food.  I tried making my own for 3 months and Jack would barely eat anything.  Between the inability to go anywhere without Jack screaming and his absolute refusal to eat anything, I was honestly developing a stress induced breathing problem.  No joke.  Now that I gave up and switched to jarred, he is eating 3 solid meals a day plus lots of finger foods (blueberries, black beans, etc.) and I actually look forward to meal time instead of dreading it with all my might like before.

I feel like doing an Irish jig!  Now I can actually envision having another child.  Before these major breakthroughs it was really too daunting to consider.


But mostly, that cheese.

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  1. I saw that cheese in the Teeter and was curious. Genius with the french fries! Hooray for meal time success. I really liked the pouches because they were so easy!